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Electronic and Mechanical Systems Department

The department supervises the preparation of distinguished engineers and researchers who possess scientific and practical qualifications equivalent to what is offered by international universities, with the aim of reaching the level of creativity and leadership in electronic systems and mechatronics.
The Department Council supervises the electronic systems engineering and mechatronics specialists, the master’s program in Automatic Control and Robotics, and the doctorate in Control Systems. It works to provide specialized teachers and develop curricula, and ensures the logical coherence between the courses and the establishment of laboratories for the practical courses, in an effort to make the teaching process a success. The department and its teaching staff collaborate with the rest of the departments in teaching courses that fall within common interests, which expands the group of courses taught by it, in addition to supervising joint graduation projects.

The Department's Structure

The Department of Electronic and Mechanical Systems consists of several laboratories, the work of each of which revolves around distinct educational research axes, ensuring the success of the teaching process and research work for both specialists in the department. These laboratories are:

  • Control and Automation laboratory
  • Sensors and Measurements laboratory
  • Electrotechnical laboratory
  • Mechatronics laboratory
  • Power Electronics laboratory

In addition to the laboratories mentioned above, the department also includes:

On the other hand, the department contributes to research activities through specialized work groups consisting of researchers, engineers, and technicians. These groups supervise the implementation of a group of internal, external and joint projects, in addition to supervising master’s and doctoral students.