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Environmental Studies Lab

The Environmental Studies Laboratory was established at the beginning of the eighties of the last century at HIAST in Damascus, in response to the growing need at that time for an advanced national laboratory capable of carrying out environmental research and analysis, in addition to providing scientific advice to various public sectors on environmental issues, especially those related to pollution of water, air, soil and marine environment in Syria.

The laboratory provides many services, and also carries out various research and studies, for the benefit of institutions and laboratories in the public and private sectors, and for the benefit of society in general.

Good experience, analytical accuracy, and distinguished service form the basis of the laboratory’s good reputation and strong relationships, not only with national institutions, but also international ones.

The Environmental Studies Laboratory is the first testing laboratory in Syria that was accredited by a well-known international body, in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 17025 regarding the efficiency of testing and calibration laboratories, through the Syrian-German project “Enhancing the Quality Infrastructure in Syria” regarding laboratory accreditation.

Since its establishment, the laboratory has participated in workshops, training courses, intercomparison programs, and national and international proficiency tests, which contribute to determining measurement uncertainty, detection limits, confidence limits, etc.

The objectives of the Environmental Studies Laboratory can be summarized as follows:

  • Improving environmental and health conditions in Syria.
  • Providing analysis services to institutions and laboratories in the public and private sectors.
  • Implementing studies and research related to the environment.

The laboratory consists of three sections:

  • Air pollution laboratory, which contains a mobile cart for continuous monitoring.
  • Chemical analysis laboratory.
  • Bacterial analysis laboratory.

Laboratory's services:

  • Monitoring air quality in urban and industrial areas.
  • Monitor the work environment and study the assessment of workers’ exposure to pollutants.
  • Identification of a wide spectrum of pollutants in surface water, groundwater and the marine environment.
  • Identification of a wide spectrum of pollutants in stack emissions, industrial wastewater and industrial solid waste
  • Analysis of the residual effect of pollutants such as: heavy metals and chlorine pesticides in sewage sludge and municipal solid waste.
  • Environmental consulting.
  • Organizing workshops and specialized training courses.
  • Qualifying laboratories to obtain accreditation according to international standard ISO 17025
  • Verifying the performance of equipment, and adjusting them when necessary, such as equipment for measuring emissions from chimneys and gases in the work environment, measuring water conductivity, its acidity (pH), oxygen and dissolved salts, measuring electrolytes using spectrophotometry, organic materials using gas chromatography, and measuring metals using atomic absorption technology..., etc.

For contact and inquiries:

Environmental Studies Laboratory at HIAST

Phone and fax number: 011-5121495

Email: erl.lab@hiast.edu.sy

  • To benefit from or request the implementation of tests and analyzes for your samples, please fill the necessary information in a test request, and send it, after signing it, to the laboratory by fax or e-mail.