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Student Activities

Various activities are held at HIAST throughout the academic year, covering all student interests, including:

  • Trips:

Each semester, one or two trips to different regions and places within the country are organized that allow students to visit most of the tourist and archaeological sites, tourist buses are used to transport students .

  • Parties:

Many concerts are held at HIAST, including: Student parties, where students hold an annual artistic party that includes various acting and lyrical performances in which they show some scenes from their daily lives, and an acquaintance ceremony at the beginning of the academic year, which is dedicated to welcome new students, as well as various musical evenings.

  • Sports activities:

Periodic matches are held for all games between the teams made up of the students of HIAST, as well as friendly matches between the sports teams of the Institute and sports teams from some of the faculties of the University of Damascus.

  • Cultural clubs:

Several cultural clubs have been opened at the institute that enable the student to practice and develop his hobbies, in addition to learning or becoming familiar with some arts during his spare time.

  • Watching films:

HIAST has an air-conditioned hall equipped with a large screen to display scientific, cultural and fiction films.

  • Exhibitions :

From time to time, exhibitions are held that highlight the works of the students participating in the clubs, the most important of which are: the exhibitions of the Photography Club and the Painting Club, in addition to holding exhibitions for artists from outside the institute.

• Reading and lectures:

HIAST has a special room for reading cultural and scientific periodicals and daily newspapers. The institute also has a hall dedicated to cultural activities in which scientific and cultural lectures are given. In addition to that, scientific seminars and educational courses are held at the Institute from time to time, which are generally directed to students and employees of the Institute.