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Student Services

Services offered for students

HIAST students are provided with a set of facilities that are necessary for a stable and successful academic life, including:

 • A restaurant at affordable prices.

•  A comprehensive library in which all valuable and needed references, whether in Arabic or foreign languages , are available to students and researchers, in addition to a large number of specialized scientific journals and cultural publications.

•  A closed gymnasium equipped with an amphitheater that accommodates more than eight hundred people, and includes volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton courts, and “ table tennis” tables, in addition to that there are a fitness hall, which contains many modern sports equipment, Sauna room, restrooms and bathrooms.

•  An outdoor grass soccer field.

•  An outdoor basketball court.

•  A handball court.

•  Tennis court.

•  Volleyball court.

•  Swimming pool with stone amphitheater equipped with special equipment for water purification.

•  An outdoor amphitheater for musical and theatrical activities.