Telecommunication Department | Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology

Telecommunication Department

This department qualifies engineers in the field of telecommunication. In addition, it organizes training courses in telecommunication, besides development works in the fields of electronics and telecommunications for the benefit of many public and private sectors in Syria.

The department participates through its cadres in the educational process at HIAST in:

  • Telecommunication Engineering major at HIAST. On the other hand, the department supports the rest of the departments in teaching subjects that are related to their interest.
  • Master programs at HIAST especially the Master of Telecommunication Systems which has four specializations.
  • Some faculties in Syrian universities through cooperation agreements that are held between HIAST and these universities.


The work axes of the department can be summarized as the following:

  • Telecommunications (digital, radio, networks).
  • Signal processing
  • Electronic systems
  • Teaching: basic electronics, signal processing, telecommunications.


In the field of research and development, the department carries out development works and consultancy studies in the fields of telecommunications and electronics depending on available specialized laboratories that are necessary to complete the work in the best way.

Among the available educational laboratories:

  • Electrical and Electronic Circuits Laboratory
  • Logic Circuits Laboratory
  • Signal Processing Laboratory
  • Measurements Laboratory