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Training & Qualification

The Directorate of Training and Qualification was established at HIAST in 2007 in order to improve the level of HIAST's cadres through training courses, in addition to providing training opportunities for public and private sectors.

The vision and mission:

The training activities aim to update and develop the trainee’s information by combining scientific and applied knowledge to achieve the maximum benefit from the course, and in a way that contributes to the development of technical and technical skills, both current and future, and according to job requirements.

It also contributes to teaching the trainer modern methods for designing and implementing training programs in an effective and appropriate way for the trainees, as well as improving his skills in communication and leadership and how to work as a team to achieve common goals.

Public sector's trainees: Upon request from departments, institutions and ministries, financial and technical offers are presented that include executive programs and the method of payment to bank accounts. 

Pivate sector's trainees: For those wishing to follow courses whose executive programs have been announced, they can contact us on the below mentioned phone numbers to register their names, and the fees of the training will be paid in cash, and they will get an official receipt as a proof of registeration on the attendance lists. They can also contact us to register their wishes, and they will be contacted at the preparation stage of the course and before its implementation date.

The trainee is awarded a course completion certificate  issued by the Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology according to the conditions set forth in the course identification card.

Objectives and scope:

  • Developing a program for trainees, from public and private sectors, that includes academic qualification in the present specializations at HIAST, to increase the productivity of individuals and provide them with new skills that are reflected in their level of performance and to improve their use of tools according to the available financial capabilities.
  • Preparing courses designed to meet the specific needs of a specific entity based on this entity’s request.
  • Organizing and preparing to implement training courses inside or outside HIAST.
  • Investing the institution’s resources in terms of highly qualified personnel, the infrastructure allocated for teaching and rehabilitation, material resources, and the reputation of HIAST in the field of product quality.

The proposed Training courses for 2024: