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Communications systems

After the pioneering experience of the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology in preparing high-level engineers in the field of Telecommunications since 1996, who have proven their competence at the national and international levels, and to enhance research and development activity in this important scientific specialty, the Higher Institute opened in the academic year 2010-2011 a master’s and doctorate in Telecommunication Systems in a number of sub-specialties.


This Master's degree aims to provide the student with distinguished experience in scientific research and its methods, in addition to providing with in-depth knowledge in communications that will allow the opportunity to keep pace with the latest scientific and technical developments in this field. This master's degree also opens broad horizons for scientific research in communications by working on research projects. This enhances scientific capabilities locally and helps keep pace with developments in scientific research in the world. The proposed research projects can also contribute to solving technical problems in public and private sector institutions in Syria.


  • Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication Systems
  • Communication Networks
  • Radio & Mobile Communication Systems