Engineering Studies | Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology

Engineering Studies

HIAST currently offers the following specialization programs which are recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Syria :

  • Informatics Engineering - Software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence
  • Informatics Engineering - Network & Operating Systems
  • Electronic Systems Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering

The duration of study at the HIAST to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering is five years.

The study program  consists of a group of courses interconnected with precedence relationships, and integrated from the perspective of fulfilling the program's targeted learning outcomes and It consists of two successive stages.

Graduate's profile:

The graduate of HIAST possesses the knowledge and technical skills necessary to practice his work as an engineer in his field of specialization, and has a solid basis in the basic sciences, which makes it easy for him to keep up with the updates that occur in that field and to communicate effectively with specialists in other engineering fields, enhanced by his good knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. Besides, he possesses complementary knowledge and skills that will help him understand his work environment in its administrative and economic dimensions, thus supporting his subsequent professional path as a leading engineer through effective dealing with this environment.
The graduate of HIAST is characterized by his distinguished ability to systematically analyze and synthesize, and to judge and argue logically, in addition to his ability to abstract and generalize, which enables him to develop innovative designs for products and introduce innovative improvements to work methods.

The graduate of HIAST is characterized by perseverance, acting responsibly, and by his ability to adapt to his work environment and to working conditions under pressure, as well as his ability to combine individual initiative and self-learning on the one hand, and effective contribution when working within teams on the other hand, in addition to open thinking enhanced by his possession of the necessary skills to communicate effectively with others and benefit from their experiences.