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Language Learning Centre

The Language Learning Center supervises the implementation of the plan for teaching languages at various levels. During his studies at the HIAST, the student pursues his linguistic qualification in the English language in addition to one of the two languages (French or Russian), ensuring that he obtains the necessary knowledge to continue his educational attainment.

The center includes a number of classrooms equipped for teaching languages and for investing several educational methods and tools, in addition to a language laboratory.

The Language Learning Center includes three educational divisions:

  • Educational Division for the English Language
  • French Language Education Division
  • Educational Division for Continuous Linguistic Qualification

The tasks assigned to the center’s divisions are as follows:

1- Developing educational curricula for foreign languages (English - French - Russian) at the various stages of study at the HIAST and working to update them to ensure that they keep pace with the requirements of study and professional work after graduation.

2- Developing a study plan for teaching languages at the HIAST.

3- Conducting summer support courses for students when necessary and proposing the programs and duration of these courses.

4- Preparing the language tests that must be passed by engineering qualification and postgraduate students.

5- Linguistic supervision of research seminars for the students in the engineering qualification stage .

6- Proposing language teaching curricula within the framework of supported training plans for HIAST's employees and for those interested in linguistic qualification from the public and private sectors.